Nevada Lithium Projects

RLC Lithium Projects, Nevada
Reedy Lagoon is exploring for lithium in the Clayton Valley and adjacent Alkali Spring Valley areas in Nevada, USA.

The identification of increasing demand for lithium, and the prospect of emerging new processing technologies for extracting lithium from brines, led to Reedy Lagoon developing projects in Nevada, USA in late 2016. The Company holds two project areas located in Nevada where it is exploring for lithium. The project areas are in closed geological basins which share similar geology with Clayton Valley in which North America's only lithium producing brine operation is located (Silver Peak).

RLC Lithium Projects, Nevada (Google Earth image).
The lithium brine projects are:

Alkali Lake North:
  334 placer claims and 157 lode claims
      - 9,657 acres (3,908 ha)
Clayton Valley:
  112 placer claims
      - 2,240 acres    (906 ha)

The two projects cover a combined area of 4,814 hectares (11,897 acres) under 446 placer claims and 157 lode claims. All the claims are 100% owned and there are no royalty arrangements.

Reedy Lagoon's projects are located within 30 kilometres of the Silver Peak Lithium brine operation owned by Albemarle Corp. which is located 360 kilometres by road (US-95 route) from the Tesla Gigafactory (Lithium-ion batteries) in Reno.

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